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Gaming Business In Nigeria.

A video game store is a place where all types or varieties of games are played. Ranging from soccer games, basketball ball games, wrestling games, racing games, etc. But mostly individuals patronize soccers games section more because of it’s popularity worldwide.

Starting up a video gaming store business in Nigeria can yeild you lots of income in hours. Infact if you have been to a video gaming store before you’ll truely understand what I’m talking about.

The owners of video gaming store makes huge some of money hourly, and can make roughly ₦10,000 daily if the traffic is high.

I’m talking from observation and investigation, I have three friends who owns and runs a video gaming store business, their names are Stanley, Fred, and Anthony to be precise. Stanley being my very good friend gave me a well detailed information on the estimate of income he makes daily from his video gaming business.



Goat Farm Business In Nigeria

Goat farming business is a very lucrative and most income rewarding business one could ever venture in.

Goat meat is widely consumed in Nigeria, and all over the world. Infact so many individuals prefer goat meat to cow meat because of it’s unique taste and nutritional value.

Goat meat is widely accepted and consumed world wide. It’s milk is starting to gain popularity, and being sold in reputable supermarkets.

In Nigeria goat milk hasn’t really gained more attention in consumption. But so many skincare industries uses goat milk in their products, because of it’s skincare benefits and it’s richness in vitamin A and vitamin C, and other health benefits when consumed vitamin D, protein, calcium, vitamin B3 magnesium, phosphorus, potassium. All of these nutrients offer some of the best benefits you can ever think of.

There are other products that can be derived from Goat milk such as cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and butter. infact anything that cow milk can offer, goat milk can also offer, with more nutritional value.

Goat meat has a unique taste, a very special taste that you cannot compare it with any other meat. Not only does goat meat tastes great, it is also lower in fat than chicken but contains higher protein than beef, that makes it better than chicken and beef.


In Nigeria goats are mostly reared for business and consumption. Because of it’s high consumption rate in Nigeria due to it’s lucrative and profitable features, so many individuals have ventured into goat farming.

The life cycle of a typical Nigeria goat is 8-16 years. Nigeria goat farmers don’t usually feed their goats with feeds, rather they feed them with fresh grass, green leaves, shrubs, and grains, as this is considered the best food for goats as they gain the full nutritional benefits from these foods.

What You Should Know Before Starting Up A Goat Farming Business

Choosing a Goat Breed

As an individual who aspires to venture into goat farming business, it’s really important you know the type of goat you want to rear. Some breads are suitable for milk production, such as Nigeria dwarf, La Mancha, and Alpine goats.

Some goats are suitable for wool production, such as, Angora, Pygora, and Cashmere goats.

Others are suitable for meat productions such as, Spanish or Tennessee breeds.

Purchase Atleast From Two Goats up

It’s important you purchase atleast two goats, this is because goats are herd animals which means they thrive with company. So, before you begin, make sure you have at least two goats or several goats and not just one.

Ensure To Purchase More Female Goats.

While purchasing your goats for your goat farming business, ensure you purchase more female goats than male. The reason for this is to enhance more reproduction rate.

At least when their is about 1-2 males goats in the mist of 6 female goats, the rate of reproduction will increase.

To keep it short and simple, if your budget can get you 6 goats, at least let their be only two male goats, the rest should be females

Note: The female goat is called a “doe” or “nanny.” The male goat is called a “buck” or “billy.”

Purchasing more males goats than females, may not be a good idea, because the reproduction rate will be low.

Types Of Goat Breeds.

Meat Goat Breeds


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