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After writing an article on How To Start a Lucrative Computer Training Center in Nigeria, I got some feedback from a few readers on the possible ways on how to make money from Computer Training center business after setting up.

To avoid making the article longer than it should be, I’ve written this one separately to tackle the question “How to Make money from Computer Training center business”.

What To Expect From This Article

After going through this article, you should have a good idea of just how lucrative starting a Computer training center business can be. If you already own one, it will expose possible streams of income you could exploit to increase your earnings in the long run.


How to Make Money from Computer Training Center Business

There are several ways to make money from a computer training center in Nigeria, you can money from:

  • Training Prospective Students
  • Photocopying
  • Typing
  • Graphics Designing
  • Printing
  • One-Minute Passport
  • Online Registrations
  • Spiral binding
  • Offering Cyber Café Services
  • Selling Jamb & exam-related Scratch cards
  • Printing Recharge Cards/Vouchers
  • Writing & Selling Computer-Related Books

Training Prospective Students

This is the most common way of making money from a computer training center business, you simply accept students into your program, you or your staff will do all the training for a stipulated period of time.

Getting students is very easy as computer training has become an essential skill in Nigeria and the world at large.

You can charge an average of N15,000 – N20,000 per student for 3 – 6 months Course. Imagine having 60 students apply within the same month, you would earn N20,000 X 60 or even more, depends on your pricing.


This is another major income source for computer training centers, the money you make from photocopying alone can cover daily expenses like fuel expenditure, feeding, transportation, etc.

The money you make from photocopying can also serve as payment for part-time workers, I.e N500 per day for cleaners.


Another extra way of making money from a computer training business is by offering typing services. Typing, just like photocopying can go a long way in covering a lot of daily – weekly expenses.

The best part about typing is, your prospective students can act as typists and learn more in the process.


A computer training center can charge as high as N2 – N5 per word typed. In Nigeria though, a price is agreed on depending on how bulky or small the workload is.

Graphics Designing

If you have graphic design skills or you have staff with graphic design skills, then this can really go a long way in increasing your total overall monthly income.

Graphic design services are one of the major ways of making money from computer training centers. In fact, some computer training center focuses more on Graphics design as a service than the rest.

Graphic Design Services you could offer, includes:

  • Logo Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Product Banner & Flyer Design
  • Event Flyer Design (Church Programs, weddings, etc..)
  • Brochure
  • Notebook Cover Design
  • Sticker Design

There are still many more Graphic design services you can offer (Like Billboard Design), it really depends on your skill level and equipment.


You can’t have a computer training center without offering printing services, it’s an essential service.

Printing goes hand in hand with other methods of making money listed in this article, after typing your expected to print out, after finalizing a graphic design project, you’re also expected to also print out copies.

Without printing, forget about a sustaining your customers as they prefer doing all their work in one place.

On average in Nigeria, printing costs between N50 – N100 depending on the location your Computer training center business is located.

It is advised to have both Black & white and Color printers as some work might require both.

One-Minute Passport

Another extra way of making money with your computer training center is by offering passport taking and printing services. A lot of people require passports daily for different registrations ranging from school-related registrations to company-related.

The passport printing machine is also affordable and easy to maintain, you would also be needing a Digital camera to take pictures. On average in Nigeria, a passport costs N500 per 6 copies depending on the area.

Online Registrations

Theirs one thing Cyber Cafes and Computer Business centers share, that is registrations. In fact, the major difference between Cyber Cafes and the latter is that cyber cafes give users the freedom to do the registration themselves, whereas Computer business centers assist customers for a general fee.

Some registrations you can earn from include:

  • Jamb Registration
  • Neco/Waec Registration
  • University Registration
  • Npower/Government Job-Related Registrations
  • Military Related Registrations

In a day, you can make as high as N40,000 from this alone as some registration costs high as N1,500 not to mention, they might print, photocopy, take passports, etc.. all from your business.

Spiral binding

You can also make money from spiral binding documents, this one is optional and should only be considered in areas like schools, where students require such services.

Offering Cyber Café Services

Some Computer Training centers when expanding, decide to offer cyber café services. They reserve a set of computers and a room just for the purpose.

This increases the total amount of money they make in the long term as cyber café services are still very much profitable these days.

Selling Jamb & Exam Related Scratch cards

Apart from offering Jamb and Exams registration services, you can also sell scratch cards for extra income.

Printing Recharge Cards/Vouchers

This is also another way of expanding your business, as a Computer business center, you already have the equipment for printing recharge cards.

Writing & Selling Computer-Related Books

Last but not least, you can also write books covering several topics related to computers. You can sell to your students and other people who might have an interest in learning.


After going through this article, you should know just how lucrative starting a Computer Training Business center can be. If you’re already into this business, this article has fairly exposed multiple streams of income that you can simply implement.

If you have any questions or additional streams you have tried, kindly comment below.



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