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Carrot has proven over the years to be one of the best anti-aging and skin glowing and brightening Ingredient which has been used in so many expensive skincare products.  Carrots are enriched with lots of nutrients such as: Vitamin A, Beta-carotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, E, K, calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium.

With all the abundant nutrients and Vitamins enriched in carrots, this remains the reason why Carrot extracts is mostly used by many skincare companies in their skincare products.

What Are The Skin Benefits Of Carrots.

1. Skin Glowing:

Carrot is loaded with Vitamin C, Which Is a powerful antioxidant, which is responsible for glowing the skin. Vitamin C present in Carrot glows the skin, fight bacteria in the skin, and gets rid of skin pigmentation, leaving your skin smooth, youthful and glowing.

2. Anti Aging:

Carrots Contains Vitamin A which converts to retinol when its absorbed into the body. Vitamin A is a very essential Ingredient Which is very important and beneficial to the skin. Vitamin A fights skin wrinkles and skin sagging, it also firms and tightens the skin, it boosts the skin collagen Production level in the skin, thereby increasing the skin’s elasticity which in return gives your a firm, plump, youthful looking skin. You can read  Reasons why you should use more of Anti-aging Products .

3. Hydrates The Skin

According the health experts, the deficiency of potassium can lead to dry skin, and carrot is richly endowed with potassium. Using carrot oil can extremely hydrate your skin, same goes to drinking carrot juice too. Read  how to make a homemade cold pressed carrot oil.

Can extremely hydrate your skin, same goes to drinking carrot juice too. Read our article on how to make a homemade cold pressed carrot oil.

4. Fights Inflammation and Promotes Healing

Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, which is responsible for calming down inflamed area on the skin, thereby promoting skin healing process.

Having known the benefits of carrots to the skin, let’s go straight to business on how to make a diy glowing carrot lotion.

Having known the benefits of carrots to the skin, let’s go straight to business on how to make a diy glowing carrot lotion.

5. Contains Powerful Antioxidant

The beta-carotene present in carrot is a powerful antioxidant which plays a very important role by fighting free radicals and impurities in the skin, calms irritations and redness thereby promoting a healthy Skin. Beta-carotene can protect the skin against sunburn by increasing the basal defense against skin damage caused by UV light. Although it can’t be compared to sunscreen efficacy.


  • 1 Cup Base Cream
  • 3 Teaspoon Organic Aloe Vera Juice
  • 10 Teaspoon Infused Carrot Oil
  • ½ Teaspoon Sunflower or Jojoba Oil
  • 3 Teaspoon Rosehip Oil
  • 2 Teaspoon Shea Butter
  • 2 Drops of Carrot Oil
  • 5 Drops of Lavender
  • 3 Drops Tree tea oil
  • 1/2 Teaspoon Cetyl alcohol (A cream/lotion thickener)
  • 2 Teaspoon Preservatives (Recommended Optiphen plus)

Note: Whatever Preservatives you chose ensure it’s natural and safe to use on the skin, endeavor to use liquid Preservatives just like Optiphen plus, for easier incorporation in your cream or lotion making.


Step 1: Get a clean mixing bowl and your hand mixer (it could be wooden spoon or an electric blender)

Step 2: Combine all the Ingredients according to the measurement stated above into the mixing bowl, apart from Shea butter, Cetyl alcohol and Preservatives.

Step 3: Melt shea butter and 1/2tsp Cetyl alcohol in a double boiler, or using a double boiler method. Allow to cool a bit then pour into your mixing bowl and start whipping your mixture together using your hand mixer or electric blender, whip until you get the cream consistency desired, add your Preservative, then pour in a jar container.

Shelf life: 2months

Note: This cream is full of antioxidants which make it a perfect everyday anti-wrinkle cream. Aloe vera and essential oils are optional but a great combination for a natural anti-aging cream.

Method Of Application

Apply your Carrot lotion on a clean skin after shower, you can use this lotion morning and night. Always use a sunscreen while stepping out under the sun.


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