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Banana milk is a newest alternative to milk and it originated from south Korea

Nutrition facts

Calories  198  Sodium

Total Fat  5 g  Potassium

Saturated  5 g  Total Carbs

Polyunsaturated  0 g  Dietary Fiber

Monounsaturated 0 g  Sugars

What you need

√ 4 ripe bananas
√ Milk
√ A cup of pure water

√ Cinnamon
√ Vanilla
√ Raw coco butter


Step 1 Chop the banana. Select one medium, ripe banana, yellow or specked with brown. The stronger your blender, the less you have to chop:
For a weak blender, chop the banana into small pieces, or mash it into a paste with a fork.
For a strong blender, slice the bananas.
For a food processor, break the banana into thirds.

Step 2 Combine banana and ice in a blender. Add the banana to a blender. Pour in about ½–¾ cup (120–180mL) crushed ice.
You can skip the ice if you’re using a frozen banana, or if the weather is cool.
Ice cubes will take much longer to blend, and may break a weak blender.

Step 3 Pour in milk, milk substitute, or water. Pour milk or your favorite milk substitute into the blender until it reaches about ¾ the height of your solid ingredients. Even regular tap water will end up creamy after blending.

If you prefer precise measurements, start with 2 cups (240mL) of liquid. After blending, add more in ½ cup (120mL) increments until you reach the desired consistency.

You can use any type of milk.

Step 4 Blend until smooth. Blend until all ingredients are combined and smooth. This will take 1–3 minutes, depending on the power of your blender.
Blend in more liquid for a thinner drink.
Blend in more ice for a thicker drink.

Step 5 Add sweetener (optional). Most people enjoy adding a little sugar, honey, or another sweetener. Add a small spoonful, blend, and taste. Repeat until the drink is as sweet as you like it.
If you are serving the banana milk to vegans, keep in mind that some vegans do not eat honey.

Serve: Serve in a tall glass with a thick straw. You can also pour banana milk over cereal, porridge, or fruit.



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