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Did you know that each time you post something on Facebook be it your photos, statues etc, its only one quater of your friends that sees it?
For example your currently have one thousand Facebook friends (1,000) when ever you make an update and tag 50 people (Note the maximum tagging is 50) it’s only 100 that will see your post, probably the friends of your friend will also see it probably twenty of them (20)

I know you really want all your friends to see your posts and updates, but no short cut in life, you must play your path, below is what you should do.

Here we go:

√ Chat with the person for a few minutes (for atleast 2 days).

√ “Like ” some recent updates of your Friend.

√ “Comment” on some of his/her recent Facebook updates.

√ Mention or tag that person in some Facebook posts.

√ “React ” on some recent status updates of your friends.

Keep repeating this to all your friends (if you can)lol for the likes of people that has 3k-4k friends to  make it easier for you, just keep reacting and liking their recent pictures and posts as you cannot probably chat with all your friend on your list.

The more engagement between you and that your friend the more he/she sees your update even without tagging him/her and if him/her sees your updates probably 15-20 of his/her friends will also see your posts too

Alternatively if you want a faster way to do this you have to pay Facebook by “clicking on promote post”

Facebook will demand for your card details you can pay with either “verve card” “Master card” “visa card” and its normally $2 to promote your post to all your friends timelines for 2days, as the days increases so the cash to be paid does.



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