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Diy lotion/cream

How to make a natural lotion/cream for your skin

Are tired of using all this chemically produced lotions or creams which some times damages your skin?

Are you tired of suffering from skin problems like pimples, stretch mark, Discoloration?

You’re in the right place
 Today I’m going to teach you simples tips on how to customized or personalise your own body lotion.

Here we Go :
Choose your ingredients

Note: this is a natural made cream choose only naturals

Here you can choose any essential oil of your choice such as Grape seed oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, lemon oil, orange oil etc depending on your choice.
But personally I would advice you to use
•Lemon oil  (Very Rich in vitamin c and pinene, terpinene and terpineol, and non-volatile compounds) this are very good for Your skin.
Grapeseed oil  (is pressed from the seeds of grapes,  aromatic hydrocarbons it contains fatty acids such as  Linoleic : 69.6%
Omega-3 fatty acids: α-Linolenic : 0.1%
Oleic acid: 15.8%
Palmitoleic acid: <1%)

THE WAX : you’re going to be needing a wax such as “Soy wax” or “bees wax”  the purpose of this wax is to thicken the mixture and make it have a creamy texture.

WATER : Surely you need water this is very essential you can use a distilled water, or if you don’t have such try to boil a water for 5mins just to purify the water or you can simply use a water purifier to flier the water,

This is to avoid the germs and bacteria  present in  the water from entering into the diy cream so that it wont get to spoil your cream as its in its natural form.

Emulsifiers are used in creams and lotions to mix water with oils. Since water and oil do not mix together

In this area you can add an additional ingredients of you choice. Such as coco butter and sheabutter (for a chocolate skin, dark skin) mango butter etc you can also add some powder actives such as vitamin C,powder arbutin powder, kojic acid powder, giga& sepi white powder etc, but before you add this powder make sure you melt them either with water or by heating before pouring it to the mixture the likes of vitamin c powder is water soluble (it melts quick in water) but the likes of kojic acid and arbutin dosnt melt in water

Get the quantity you want to use pour it in a cup (stainless cup is recommended) add alittle bit of water to rise above the kojic acid or arbutin a little then put a hot water on fire probably with a kettle, when the hot starts boiling place the cup in which you added the kojic acid or arbutin powder on top of the boiling water keep stirring until it devolves.

NOTE : there will be need to adjust this recipe a bit depending on your chosen oil or wax

√ 1 cup oil

√ enough wax in the oil to bring it to 1¼ cups

√ ½ cup water

√ ⅛ teaspoon borax

√ any additional ingredients and essential oils

1. Place a stainless steel bowl over a pot of boiling water for, now start  melting your oils and waxes in it.

 the mixture needs to get very hot, almost to boiling. (For absolute melting) If you should discover that there are some unmelted stair well until it melts,
Then you can Add any butters, like shea butter, to the hot oil and continue to melt.

2. In another container, heat the water to boiling. Add the borax and stir. This mixture needs to be kept very hot as well. Use a towel or oven mitt when handling.

3. When you have both mixtures hot and melted, its time to add your earlier melted powder actives (kojic acid powder/Arbutin powder)slowly pour a small amount of the water into the oil. Be careful as this can bubble and come to the top. Keep stirring in the water until it’s all incorporated. It should turn to a creamy consistency. If it doesn’t, or if it separates, don’t panic. It just means that one or the other wasn’t hot enough. Keep stirring for a few minutes and then use an immersion blender. It’s the only way to get it creamy if it separates.

 Blend for about 5 minutes, possibly less. You’ll notice it begin to thicken up and turn creamy. If you don’t have an immersion blender
If you don’t have an immersion blender, you can use a whisk or a hand blender,

4. When it’s blended and creamy, add a few drops of your essential oil like about 10 drops (add more if desired) from each essential oil you chose, then allow it to cool a little then you can transfer it to any container of your choice.

Congratulations you have your self a “HOME MADE NATURAL CREAM”


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